connect your Microsoft Teams presence bot
in a few simple steps



connect your Microsoft Teams presence bot
in a few simple steps


What presencify bot can do for you

Presence sync bot for your confidence

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We are your specialist and full-service provider in the field of Unified Communication & Collaboration. From consulting to operation, we provide you with a consistent and strategy-compliant implementation.

All of the services and solutions we offer have been tried and tested by us in advance. In doing so, we take several factors from ICT into account: Security | Availability | Efficiency.

In order to always operate a sustainable communication landscape, we understand the specialist areas of ICT and continuously educate ourselves. We are happy to let our customers and partners benefit from this.

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Our Service - your presence sync bot
Stay connected with your team and never miss a call again with presencify.
It syncs the status between Microsoft Teams and your other services with a presence system (e.g. Wildix UCC, zoom, slack and others), so you can see if your contacts are busy on their mobile devices or away from their desks - even when they're offline.

Microsoft Teams™

Microsoft Teams™ the collaboration suite which comes with your Microsoft 365 subscription. Stay connected and access shared content any time to learn, plan, and innovate—together. Chat, call, and share video simply from one place that helps you stay close to all the people in your life. With shared documents and files always available, you can create, share, and exchange ideas whenever you want to and keep things moving forward together. When all the best apps and features that you need are at your fingertips, you become more focused and efficient.

Wildix UCC

Wildix - the first sales-oriented Unified Communications Solution. The new generation of business communications systems (PBXs) can reduce costs by an average of 50% (sometimes up to 75%), increase your productivity, and facilitate business and technical complexity. But, if you make a mistake when choosing a strategic infrastructure such as the business PBX, you know you will lose customers and money. At best, your customers will be unhappy with the service. At worst, you will lose their calls and your employees will be frustrated by the use of complex and ineffective communication tools. You will have made an investment with no ROI.


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